Canadian Zeolite Collaborates with University of Northern British Columbia to Develop a Value-Added Product to Eliminate Bacteriological Contamination in Water

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canadian Zeolite Corp. (the “Company”) (TSX.V: CNZ) (OTCQB: CNZCF) (FSE: ZEON) is pleased to report that in collaboration with Dr. Hossein Kazemian of the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), a grant application for Mitacs-Accelerate research project has been successfully accepted by Mitacs Canada (“Mitacs builds partnerships between academia, industry, and the world – to create a more innovative Canada”). For this project, UNBC researchers will use the Company’s natural zeolite to develop a multifunctional adsorbent medium for decontamination of polluted environments due to micro-organisms and toxic heavy metals. The outcome of this project will be a value-added product that is capable of eliminating bacteriological contamination in water thereby providing a source of safe potable water. Dr Kazemian offers extensive experience in the evaluation of zeolite for many applications such as contaminant removal from industrial and municipal wastewater, soil remediation, gas purification and composting.

Mr. Ray Paquette, CEO states, “This Research Partnership is of significant value to the Company, as the success of the project will mean new business and marketing opportunities for our natural zeolite both nationally and internationally. Our strategy is to supply unique zeolite-based value-added products that can only be sourced from Canadian Zeolite. This results in a sustainable competitive advantage and higher profit margins. Our successful partnerships and marketing history with different industries demonstrates our ability to recognize and bring new technologies and products to market. Dr. Kazemian and his team are extremely important in helping us understand and quickly determine the potential of our natural zeolite for developing new value-added products. This research is of critical importance as a new solution is required to provide clean and safe drinking water in many parts of Canada and globally.”

As reported in the NRC (National Research Council) Press, “Canada, with over a million lakes and countless ponds, is faced with the daunting prospect of managing water resources as population expands and the north experiences accelerated warming. At present, management policies to mitigate or respond to algal blooms vary considerably across provinces, and local agencies are typically ill-prepared particularly for toxic blooms.”

As a result of this project, Canadian Zeolite stands to become a technical leader in the application of modified natural zeolite for water treatment applications in Canada, and aims to gradually enter the US and global markets once tested in Canada.

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